The Specialist

The manual reader´s handling is self-explanatory as laser positioning aids quickly and reliably guide the user to successful code reading. The datamatrix_dmh100 is easy-to-handle shape and its robust housing of high-quality material make this specialist the perfect partner for day-to-day industrial use in reading needle-punched, laser written and Inkjet DataMatrix codes.

Sturdy technical specifications guarantee that the work done by hand is successfully. Data Matrix codes, read in matter of seconds from the most varied surfaces and products, including those of a reflective nature, are transmitted via a Firewire interface. The data is then fed into the system´s own operating software so that the virtual flow of information can track the real flow of material.

The most important facts:

  • Fast and reliable decoding
  • Positioning and distance control
  • High-performance decoding software
  • Needs no Teach-In
  • Reads laquered DataMatrix Codes as well