Makes contact with all surfaces

Reading in style: The DMH200 DataMatrix reader from IOSS is surprisingly simple to handle and flexible to use. It records DataMatrix codes quickly, reliably and effortlessly – even on curved, cylindrical and reflecting surfaces.

The reading pen is placed directly on the code and the result is ready within a fraction of a second. With the DMH200, teach in or extensive parameter definitions are a thing of the past.

In order to make work with the DMH200 handheld system even more comfortable for the user. The sensor provides a live image and evaluation is in real time: you save yourself the tedious trail and error without visual control. The DMH200 is conntected to a PC or laptop by firewire. The process interface can be safely and easily configured via the settings window.

The most important facts:

  • Fast and reliable decoding
  • Reading distance – on contact
  • High-performance decoding software
  • Needs no Teach-In