Easy Scanning of Difficult Codes!

The DMR210 reader system is a robust, compact system for reading directly marked DataMatrix and QR codes. An excellent feature of this system is its modular design with respect to the optical and lighting components. Hence, this system can be operated under various different lighting conditions in industrial environments.

The PC-based Setup Tool allows users to easily control and configure the parameters on the camera using an Ethernet connection. Tried-and-tested algorithms ensure fast and reliable decoding. It does not matter whether the directly marked codes are microscopically small or large or whether the surfaces are curved, mirrored or painted.

The DMR210 Scanner also includes the software “rated reading” for needle marked data matrix codes. The various criteria for code evaluation allow reliable conclusions about the readability of the marking processes and therefore the readability of the coding at a later date.

The DMR210 Reader is the ideal reader for codes on challenging surfaces in the automotive, automation, electronics, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and solar industries.

Features that speak for themselves:

  • Integrated sensor concept
  • Various sensor resolutions
  • HighSpeed and HighResolution available
  • Software “rated reading” for dot marked datamatrix codes is included
  • Configurable optics
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Tried-and-tested algorithms
  • Multi-channel, freely programmable LED lighting
  • Ethernet port
  • Profibus port (optional)
  • Robust aluminium case