Optical Character Recognition Reader

Visual markings for identification of goods or workpieces – whether scored or printed using dot matrix, inkjet or laser printers – are more important than ever for process optimization, traceability and transparency in logistical processes.

In today´s market, the ability to manufacture quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining high quality and precision resuslts in significant competitive advantages. The new OCR scanning system from IOSS helps you greatly with these tasks.

The tried-and-tested IOSS modular concept for industrial image processing was also implemented in the design of the OCR110 optical character recognition scanner. Various integrated lighting components and lenses together with intelligent algorithms dot matrix and laser markings as well as ink jet markings on metallic surfaces with various different coatings, on plastic or rubber packages, wafers or solar wafers can all be read leliably – one or two lines at a time, while stationary or in movement. The Teach-In module allows you to teach the OCR110 system for your application and different font types can also be read.

Our OCR110 optical character recognition system offers Ethernet and RS232 ports as well as an optional Profibus port – the universal field bus for communications in the industrial processing industry. At IOSS, our philosophy is to continuously develop and maintain our software and hardware. Thus, every purchase of an IOSS scanning system is guaranteed to be a worthwile investment in the future.

In use at:

  • Completeness check
  • Reading of scored OCR lettering, e.g., autobody components
  • Reading peened characters. e.g., chassis numbers
  • Reading serial numbers
  • Reading and verifying batch numbers (OCR lettering)