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High demands for quality, rapid design cycles, global production capacities and “just-in-time” manufacturing—these are some of the hallmarks of today’s industrial production. Whether it’s the pharmaceutical, electronics, food processing or automotive sector, it’s all the same.

Transparent flow of information is paramount in order to control the entire flow of materials and goods. Thus, you can always ensure that the necessary quantity arrives at the proper location at the right time with the required quality and the agreed-upon cost.

Transparency, controlled flow of goods and traceability can all be achieved using product codes.

Next to labels and RFID chips, many products are marked directly. Thus, what belongs together comes together. Safely, quickly and reliably. Directly marked codes are mainly 2D code markings and the ECC200 DataMatrix code is used in most cases. DataMatrix code offers high information density, omnidirectional scanning and compatibility with all common marking procedures.

We proudly recommend our 2D code scanning systems. The modular optical and lighting components in our systems make them extremely versatile. We regularly update our outstanding decoding software so that it remains fast and reliable at high scanning rates.

Give it a test! Send us a sample. We will gladly complete a report for YOUR sample!


Overview of our DataMatrix Code Scanner

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