Code scanning systems guarantee unique identification

Studies confirm that automation is one of the key factors for economic success throughout the world. Whoever can produce more quickly at higher quality, with more precise and fewer costs has a crucial competitive advantage.

The ability to identify components and products is crucial for automation and process-integrated quality assurance.

Information encoded as barcodes or 2D codes are useful in many sectors for unique identification and easy product tracing. The best coding and scanning system for your technical and economical requirements must be determined after careful consideration and planning. We will gladly discuss some of the projects we have already implemented in your sector and provide you with more information about the various marking methods and their decoding capabilities.

Renowned companies through the world are already working successfully with systems from IOSS.

Our references run from A as in AUDI to BMW, CONTINENTAL TEVES, DAIMLER, to VOLKSWAGEN, WORTMANN and ZF.

The following examples serve to illustrate some of the projects we have successfully implemented in various sectors.

Report: “Everlasting Marking Reliable Identification”

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